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This page contains "layout" files for the MFME fruit machine emulator. To use them, simply unzip the file into the
same directory as the emulator along with the machine's ROM files, and open the layout from the emulator's menu.

NB: ROMs are NOT included in these files. For more information on running the emulator, downloads and new releases, go here.

tnacdx.jpg (13534 bytes)
Andy Capp DXS
tnaccp.jpg (11699 bytes)
Andy Capp Classic Plus
tnac86.jpg (13379 bytes)
Andy Capp 800x600
tnve.jpg (13059 bytes)
Viva Espana DXS
tntt.jpg (12129 bytes)
Top Tenner DX

tncm.jpg (14493 bytes)
Cash Machine DX

tnpn.jpg (15183 bytes)
Pinball Nudger DX

tnrf.jpg (35253 bytes)
Rich & Famous DXs

EastEnders DX

The Simpsons DX

EastEnders - The Queen Victoria DX

Deluxe Monopoly DX

Deluxe Monopoly PDX

Coronation Street DX v2

The Great Escape DX

Inferno DX

Cluedo DX

Pink Panther Classic Plus

On The Buses DX

Rovers Return DXa

Instant Win DX

The Italian Job DXa

Trivial Pursuit DX

Pink Panther DX

Fight Night DX










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