Stu's Pretty World Of Bezel Files For MAME

This area contains 300 "bezel" files, which are artwork files designed to enhance the look of vertical-screen games
in MAME by placing graphics from the real arcade machine's cabinet in what would otherwise be the unattractive
empty black spaces at the sides of the game screen which make vertical games look horribly "letterboxed".



They were designed with the Xbox version of MAME in mind (as existing bezels tend to render the game screen eye-
strainingly small on anything but the hugest TV set), but will work equally well with any other MAME incarnation.



To use the files, simply download them from the link below, then copy the zipped file into the folder called
'Artwork' in your MAME directory. The emulator will automatically detect and implement them from there.



Sadly I don't have the time to get preview screenshots from all 300 bezels, but they're all in a very similar vein to the above examples, and they're only around 200K each, so you can afford to take a gamble. (I'd put them all in one big zip, but then you'd have to download 100MB in one go, which seems a little unfriendly. Plus it'd kill my bandwidth.) The download filenames correspond to the game's eight-letter MAME name, so you know which game you're downloading a bezel for. (Don't change the name or MAME won't recognise it.)

Click here to go to the download page

Click here for my MAME cabinet bezels



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